Durachem has wide range of solutions, many custom-made for application on different surfaces. A single consumer product may have a variety of surfaces and as the properties of the paints and coatings used for the different surfaces have to be compatible with each other, Durachem is the best placed to meet clients’ requirements with its range of advanced inks, paints and coating solution.

  Paint for plastic products ( Single component Paint )
Plastic products are usually coated for durability and to cover any surface defects as well as to reproduce the gloss and distinctness of image and colour for aesthetic purpose. The major applications for this category of paints include among others: home electronic products such as hi-fi equipment, television casing, speakers frames, remote controls, mini disc, toys, mannequins and telecommunications equipments.
  PU paint (Two Component Paint )
PU paint are mainly used for exterior coatings and for parts that are physically handled on a frequent basis. It also has high gloss properties, flexibility, hardness and good adhesion properties. Product applications for PU paint include safely helmets, automotive engine covers, automotive chrome-plated substrates, wheel covers for vehicles, automotive interior panels and dashboards, cameras, fishing rods, hand phones and motorcycle components.
  Paint for metal products
Paint for metal products are mainly to prevent corrosion and to give an aesthetic finish. Paints for metal products are widely applied for product such as speaker grills, bicycles, video casings, metal toys, oil filters, photo frames, appliances and military equipment.
  UV Curable Paint
UV curable paints are cured by radiation of Ultraviolet light “UV”. UV curable paint are mainly used for parts that are physically handled on a frequent basis. It also has high gloss properties, hardness and good adhesion properties. Product applications for UV curable paint include cameras, hand phone body casing, keypad and earphone.
Different inks are produced to cater for different substrates and physical and chemical requirements. These inks are mainly applied in audio equipments, calculators, toys, video casings, circuit diagrams, spot equipments, fishing rods, scratch cards, electronic equipment etc.
  Soft feel Paint
Soft feel coatings were developed to provide the pleasant and warm touch feel of the coated parts beside protecting its high class image. Additionally, it also provides more secure grip for the handheld devices Application : mobile phone, laptops, pen drive.
  Water-based Coatings
This is an alternative to solvent-based paints in the coming years being environmental friendly with lower volatile organic compound. Durachem WP series are being developed for application on plastic electronic product like printer, audio-video etc.